Smartphone Photography Workshop for young budding creatives.

mother and child sat in the garden with their smartphones and notebooks smiling. They are attending a smartphone photography workshop

10-15 yrs old with a parent in attendance.

I’ve also been asked if I run the Smartphone Photography Workshops for the young ones. I love teaching all ages, with 90 year old being the top age so far.

A smartphone photography workshop can be an excellent way for parents and children to enjoy a creative experience together while learning a new skill. Not only will they have fun experimenting with photography and image editing, but they will also gain valuable knowledge about capturing memorable moments using their smartphones.

So I’ve recently created a workshop just for parents and children. A fun and enjoyable workshop to do during the holidays and a few challenges to take away and practice. I like to keep you busy practicing your new skills you have learned at the workshop.

The session will be similar to the other Smartphone Photography Workshops, and I will explain the image composition rules and how to use the camera’s functions to their best advantage. We will have lots of time to get creative and photograph outdoors, weather permitting, so it’s a good mix of activities and learning to keep them engaged.

Neena Saith, see below, asked me to run a bespoke Smartphone Photography Workshop for her and her ten year old son in their garden, which they both thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you Neena for your wonderful testimonial.

Neena Saith
“Sally came to my home and ran a smartphone photography workshop for my 10-year-old Son. Sally is a natural teacher and pitched the workshop at just the right level. I learned so many new tips and tricks to take photos with my phone that I’ve been using ever since. My son really enjoyed it, too, and stayed engaged throughout. After the workshop, Sally and I headed into the Forest, and Sally took some headshots for me. I was really happy with the results. She had great ideas for positioning and came back with the edited photos in a very quick time frame.I would highly recommend Sally to anyone looking to get some headshots done or simply if you want to take the usage of your smartphone camera to the next level.Thank you, Sally!”

CONCLUSION: A family bespoke smartphone photography workshop is more than just an educational experience; it’s a celebration of family, creativity, and togetherness. As your family embarks on their new photographic journey, they will discover that the true beauty lies not only in the pictures they take but also in the moments they share. Grab your smartphones, learn some helpful tips and tricks, and embark on your new photography adventure together.

If you would like more details, please call me on 07824 628453 or find more information on my website.

Best wishes,

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