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Whether you’re after a unique gift for a friend or a day out with a difference, this workshop is a brilliant way to see photography from a new perspective.

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Whether you’re a traveller, a social media enthusiast, a budding photographer, or simply someone who wants to take better pictures with their smartphone, our workshop is designed to cater to all levels of experience. We provide a supportive and interactive environment where participants can learn and grow together, guided by our expert instructors who are well-versed in the art and science of smartphone photography.

We help people and professionals alike, make the best of their social media

Our Camera Phone Workshop is perfect for those looking to improve their social media photography skills. We provide valuable insights and techniques specifically tailored for creating visually appealing and engaging content on social media platforms. From optimising images for different platforms to understanding composition, lighting, and editing, our workshop covers everything you need to know to capture attention and create a unique visual identity. We’ll also explore storytelling through images, helping you craft narratives that resonate with your audience. Join us and take your social media photography to the next level!

I will teach you how to take quality pictures representing your brand and business

In 2008 I made a life-changing decision to shift from my retail management career to pursue my passion for photography and fully immerse myself in this creative field. While using social media, I quickly noticed that many people struggled with photography. I found myself thinking, “If only they had cropped the image, made some editing adjustments, and straightened the horizon, their pictures could be significantly improved.”

Driven by a desire to help others, especially business owners whose photographs are crucial for their success, I felt compelled to share my knowledge. I realised that just spending a few minutes learning the functions of their phones could transform their average pictures into stunning ones.

I started hosting workshops from my humble kitchen table at home to assist these individuals. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and people loved the guidance and insights they received. Today, I am fortunate to operate from the beautiful Old Bond Store in Southampton, where I conduct these workshops, among other locations. Seeing how my expertise can empower others to elevate their photography skills and create truly impressive images brings me immense joy.

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Sally Golden

Founder / Professional Photographer,
The Camera Phone Workshop

” It’s incredible how much you can do with your smartphone, most people don’t realise the potential they are holding in their hands.”

Unlock the magic of smartphone photography

My workshops will teach you how to take consistently great photographs using the wealth of sophisticated features and options that come with your device. I will show you how to edit and enhance your photographs to get the very best results. I see it as learning about all the pieces of a puzzle and how and why they fit together to form the final image. That’s how my magic happens!

Our Workshop Locations

Old Bond store

A unique hidden gem in Southampton and a working environment crafted for and by ambitious business leaders, The Old Bond Store was originally built in 1802 and is located in the city centre.

Sculpture by the Lakes

Hidden along the tranquil valley of Dorset’s river Frome, 15 minutes from Dorchester, lies Sculpture by the Lakes. A 26 acre sculpture park comprising of ponds, pools, bubbling streams, lakes and the fast flowing river Frome, meandering paths and trails through meadows and woodland, along riverbanks and over bridges.

The Design Chapel

Discover an invigorating co-working sanctuary tucked away in the heart of Southampton Common – The Design Chapel. Originally erected in the 1840s, this historic chapel has undergone a breathtaking transformation into a contemporary workspace catering to independent creatives, businesses, freelancers, and bloggers.

Nestled amidst the city’s central lush parkland, Design Chapel stands as a beacon of inspiration, offering an unparalleled backdrop for our engaging group workshops. Embrace the perfect blend of history and modernity as you embark on a journey of creativity and collaboration within this remarkable location.

Marchwood Church Village Hall

It is located in the village of Marchwood, on the edge of the New Forest. Our workshop space is situated in beautiful surroundings which will captivate your senses and spark your creativity. Once a lofty church dating back to 1843, this architectural masterpiece was crafted by the renowned Irish architect, John MacDuff Derick, in the awe-inspiring Early English Gothic style.

Learn how to compose and enhance photos with your iPhone or Android device.
Your reviews mean a lot to us
Neena Saith
Neena SaithMind-Body Practitioner
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“Sally came to my home and ran a smart phone photography workshop for my 10 year old Son and I. Sally is a natural teacher and pitched the workshop at just the right level. I learnt so many new tips and tricks to take photos with my phone that I've been using ever since. My son really enjoyed it too and stayed engaged throughout.”
Darren Northeast
Darren NortheastManaging Director
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“Sally's photography workshop that I recently attended was absolutely outstanding! It was informative, interesting and so many skills were learnt from Sally. As well as being cost effective, it's really super enhanced my interest in photography! Everywhere I go now the first thing I think about is utilising my new found skills and seeing what I can take photographs of.”
James West
James WestCo-Founder of Onle Networking
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“I've always been impressed by the quality of Sally's photography and her professionalism. And having attended her workshop about improving smartphone photography for business, my admiration has grown. Sally is incredibly knowledgeable and adept at explaining the concepts of photography novice like myself”
Richard Hiron
Richard Hiron Employment Law & HR Solicitor
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“Sally provided a fascinating insight into what photographers look for in a successful photo and what tends to resonate with viewers. She also got me thinking about how the photos I use to promote my business might be improved. The workshop was well worth the cost and I cannot thank Sally enough for devoting her valuable time If you want to learn more about how to use your smartphone’s camera to promote your business, then get in touch with Sally.”
Jen Bekker
Jen BekkerBusiness Owner - Travel Counsellors
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"I recently booked a private camera phone workshop and I was blown away! Not only did Sally teach me some key photography skills to take better photos in the first instance, she also went through all the amazing editing options on my phone, that I never new existed! Capturing great travel images is key for my work, and I now feel confident that I can not only capture better images but that I can also soft edit and enhance them afterwards."
Helen Hart
Helen HartSenior Practice Development Lawyer, Lewis Silkin
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"Another recommendation for Sally's camera phone workshop from me. I have seen lots of people raving about it and decided to take part in a workshop. Sally was full of insight and tips, and I learnt a lot about taking photos as well as about the tools available on my smartphone. Thank you Sally."
Richard Mack
Richard MackFounder, RT Promotions
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"I recently attended a photography workshop with Sally, specifically aimed at getting the most out of the camera on your mobile phone. It was only for a few hours but I learnt so much. There was a great buzz in the room, and Sally worked with the group at a pace that allowed us to experiment as we learnt new tricks. The whole thing was perfect - great location, nicely judged presentation and topics, all superbly delivered - well done Sally."
Julie Jackson
Julie JacksonImage Consultant, House Of Colour
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"I recently attended Sally’s brilliant camera phone workshop. I thoroughly recommend it and you could definitely complete online. Excellent value for money. I learnt lots of helpful tips which I was able to use instantly having practiced during the workshop - composition; editing (with and without filters). Subtle changes that make a huge difference to your images on Social Media. Sally is very personable, knowledgeable and fun to spend time with."
Verity Lovelock
Verity LovelockDirector, BBD Architects
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"Sally came to our office and did her brilliant camera phone workshop for our team. We are an Architects Practice and often we are on site checking the progress of the construction work. We love to share on social media what we are up to, but how do you make a pile of bricks look good?! on a camera phone?!! Well, Sally showed us how. We learnt how to edit our photos too, as well as compose them. The course is excellent value for money and our whole team absolutely loved it."
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